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Era gennaio e Tsipras stava per vincere le elezioni

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Tsipras and his party have appealed to the starved masses of Greece to get a mandate to renegotiate what a coalition of unusual comrades had managed to get from EU partners, institutions could give them to avoid bankruptcy. Of course the convenience of the EU countries was in avoiding a contagion, or weaken the euro and for Greeks to stay within the club.
Greece entered this club forging their membership card and nobody checked the figures. Once money started flowing in, they started increasing salaries and pocketing anything left over and send it abroad, in euro, not in legacy currency. Then the bill arrived and those who banqueted until the day before were not enquiring about the real reason why someone asked to pay for the bill. That was the fault of corrupted politicians. As usual, Mediterranean countries still think to be more honest of the politicians they put in power.
Now this champion of democracy that has promised to challenge the bill, agreed by their predecessors, needs to find a way.
In Italy two political parties, the Northern league and the national alliance, promised to sort out a small version of the same issue with EU about some fines to pay for exceeding h the production of milk. 20 years later, the farmers are still paying or deemed to pay for those fines, despite a good ten to fifteen years in power.

Tsipras, seen as the champion of democracy in other countries, like Italy, as first step has agreed to start a coalition with a right wing party. In Italy, his admirers, refused to enter a similar agreement with some centre wing forces. Try to explain to your electors, Mr. Nichi Vendola, the differences between the two cases.

This tells a lot about Tsipras party, Syriza, and Italian radical left parties (SEL) .

Syriza will not defeat them, they will join them while the Italian left radical parties will never see the power and never have a say in any political dispute, because they will never be in a position of needing a minority ally to run the country, they are the minority party,and always be.

In both cases, for opposite reasons, the radical leftist parties will see their ends. I would not be surprised to see the polls tomorrow and see Syriza down...

I don't know who will win next Greek elections but I know which party will not and will probably disappear from the political map. Pasok, get ready to come back...

Hoping in a Grexit is now just a hope... Unfortunately...

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