Ciao a tutti,
mi piacerebbe ricevere opinioni sulla polizza Vision di Generali Paneurope, una societa' del gruppo Generali con sede legale in Irlanda.

Sono interessato dal punto di vista dell'investimento ai fini pensionistici, non del rischio vita. Secondo voi le commissioni alte compensano il vantaggio fiscale (trovandosi in Irlanda, gli investimenti crescono senza tasse)? L'alternativa e' investire da solo in fondi comuni, per lo piu' index funds.

Qui sotto riporto la "fact sheet" della polizza. I dettagli completi si trovano in

I fatti essenziali comunque sono:
- permette di investire in una scelta abbastanza buona di circa 80 fondi di varie gestorie
- gli investimenti crescono senza tasse perche' e' basata in Irlanda
- le commissioni, a cuanto capisco, sono del 3.5% per premio regolare, e 3% per premio unico

Vision Fact Sheet

Policy Currency
You may pay premiums in euro, US dollar or GB pound. Benefits payable under the policy will be paid in the currency of the policy.
Investment Choice
Vision offers you the choice of over 80 risk-rated funds covering all the major world markets and differing investment classes. This wide choice of investment funds means that the investment funds that underlie your Vision policy can be tailored to your objectives.
Performance statistics can be viewed in the funds section which is updated weekly and we provide information on each of these funds in our publication entitled International Fund Selection which your financial adviser can provide you with. Alternatively, you can download the current International Fund Selection as well as other fund information from the Literature and Forms section of the website.
Enhanced Allocation
Regular premiums may qualify for a bonus allocation of up to 5%.
Loyalty Bonus
A loyalty bonus is awarded, based on the first ten years premiums and every subsequent five years thereafter (within the original Premium Payment Term or, if less, the 30 years following Policy Commencement). This valuable bonus is equal to 5% of all regular premiums paid.
Vision is a regular premium, whole of life, life assurance contract issued by Generali PanEurope. It is available to expatriate investors in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain, provided they are not resident in Ireland for tax purposes.
The minimum regular premiums for terms of more than 10 years are EUR150 monthly, EUR450 quarterly or EUR1,800 annually. The minimum premiums for terms of less than 10 years are three times these amounts. The premium payment term is selected at outset for a minimum of five years although contributions may be continued after this time. Additional single premiums may be paid at any time.
Additional Options

Switching: You may choose to alter your investment by switching units in your existing fund into a new fund or funds. There is currently no charge for switching.

Premium Redirection: You may wish to redirect future premiums to a different fund or funds. This redirection would be undertaken at the next premium allocation. There is currently no charge for redirection.

Life Assurance Benefits: The policy is available on a single or joint life basis where any life (or lives) assured is (are) aged 18 or older. The maximum age at commencement for a life assured is 70 next birthday. For "Joint Life First Death" cases this relates to the older life, for "Joint Life Second Death" the younger life. Death Benefit will be paid out on the occurrence of one of three events:

* Single Life - the death of the sole life assured
* Joint Life First Death - the death of the first to die of the two lives assured
* Joint Life Second Death - the death of the last surviving of two lives assured.

Standard Death Benefit: In the event of the relevant death, the standard amount payable will be 101% of the investment value (which is 101% of the total units held multiplied by the next available bid price for each selected fund) following our receipt of proper notification of death and proof of title as outlined in the Policy Terms and Conditions.

Additional Death Benefit: Vision also offers you the option of "Additional Death Benefit". The amount payable in the event of the relevant death is the amount selected by you plus 101% of the investment value. The maximum amount of Additional Death Benefit will be limited to the annualised premium (after the deduction of the premium protection cover charge) multiplied by 40. The Additional Death Benefit may be selected or altered at any time subject to satisfactory underwriting for increased levels of cover. In some cases this benefit may not be available or may be restricted at the discretion of the Company.

Premium Protection Cover: This optional benefit provides cover should the selected policyholder become unable to follow their usual or any other employment for a continuous period of 26 weeks or more because of illness or injury.

Regular Income: You may choose to take a regular income at the end of the premium payment term. It can be taken monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually and is subject to a minimum withdrawal of EUR75. It is available at any time throughout the life of the policy.